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Winter-proof your skin

14 June 2024 | | By Leila Petersen

From vitamin C serums and hyaluronic acid to ceramides and SPF, these tips and targeted products will help protect your skin against winter’s chill.


Taking care of your skin is a year-round necessity but just as your wardrobe changes with the season so should your beauty routine. The cold conditions of the winter season can wreak havoc on your skin, making it dry and flaky, and even turning cheeks and noses red for some. Because our skin is the first line of defence against the cold and wind, we need to ensure that it is well protected. A winter skincare routine using targeted products packed with nourishing ingredients is key in helping to calm dry, flaky skin and restore a dewy-fresh sheen to our faces. 

But where to start? These simple adjustments, our Sorbet product recommendations, will help you combat the cold and maintain your glow.

Switch to a hydrating cleanser

Using a foam or gel cleanser in the summer makes sense - they are ideal for removing extra sweat and grime. However, in winter these foaming formulas can strip the skin of the crucial natural oils that help strengthen and protect the skin barrier. Instead, go gentle with a milk, oil, or balm cleanser as these will provide a deep clean without compromising the skin’s barrier.

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Mega moisturiser 

To really counter the aggression of cold winds and low temperatures you need to take a zealous approach to moisturising. And while a lightweight lotion is a great option for the greasy nature of summer skin, come winter, you’ve got to bump it up a notch and opt for moisturisers that contain key ingredients such as fatty acids and ceramides. These will help skin lock in moisture and maintain its protective barrier. 

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Get serious about serums

If you’re not already incorporating a serum into your regime, now is the perfect time to start as the seasonal often brings dull and dehydrated skin. Like booster supplements, serums are shots of nutrients for your skin. And because they are often thinner and more concentrated than moisturisers, they’ll repair your lipid barrier more effectively than a lotion alone. Look out for elixirs with ultra-nourishing and brightening ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

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Mild exfoliation 

Gentle exfoliation is key to achieving a healthy winter glow as it removes dead skin cells, allowing your moisturiser and serum to penetrate more effectively. Aim to use a mild formula once a week to ensure your skin is not over-exfoliated and remains protected and nourished.

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Don’t skimp on SPF

Just because it is winter, it doesn’t mean you should put away your sunscreen or use less of it. While the UVB rays might be weaker in the winter (so you don't get sunburnt as easily), the UVA rays that cause wrinkles, premature ageing, and damage are still strong, so SPF is very important. When it comes to choosing a formula, opt for ones that include nourishing properties like essentials oils, as this aids with hydration and boosts moisture levels too.

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Sleep on it

As the days become shorter and nights longer, now is the perfect time to indulge in an overnight treatment and take advantage of your time spent under the covers. Because skin repairs itself naturally at night, slathering on a night-time treatment specifically designed to support, boost, and even mimic the skin’s nightly repair process will ensure you make most of your beauty sleep.

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Mask around

The quickest way to combat dry, flaky skin is to give it a boost of radiance with a moisture-packed mask. Used once a week, these rejuvenating formulas will help hydrate, nourish, and comfort your skin when it is at its most vulnerable - in winter. Look out for ones infused with rich fatty emollients, proteins, and antioxidant peptides to restore and protect your skin.

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Makeup that hydrates

Dry air and biting winds can really suck all the moisture from your skin. When it comes to makeup a simple switch of your foundation to a hydrating one is all it takes to give your skin the added nourishment it requires.

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Luxe lotions

It’s tempting to skip body lotion during the winter thanks to all the skin-covering layers we wear, but don’t neglect your skin just because it doesn’t see the light of day. Nourishing body creams, lotions, and body butters are essential for maintaining a healthy skin barrier and preventing dry, flaky, and irritated skin.

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IMAGE CREDIT: 123rf.com

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