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Do you have medication or health related questions that you would like to have answered? For your convenience we have now made our pharmacists available to answer your questions or assist you with medication queries via our pharmacy chat functionality. Just complete the attached form and one of our pharmacists will call you at your convenience. Managing your health has never been easier.

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Prescription advice

We answer any questions on your acute or chronic prescriptions.

Medicine interactions

Give us a full overview of your ailments and medications so we can ensure there are no unwanted side effects.

Adherence and advice

Let us help you understand how to take your medicine, and correctly continue with your treatment as prescribed.

Save on your medication costs

Whether its generic alternatives, or ensuring your medication is correctly claimed, we will help you save on your medication costs.

How it works

3 simple steps to expert advice from our pharmacists

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Important information

This service is not intended for use in medical emergencies. The information provided is not a substitute for medical advice from your doctor. If you are in need of immediate or emergency medical attention, contact your doctor, poison control center, emergency medical professional, local emergency services or go your nearest hospital. You should always consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment of your medical condition. You should also consult your doctor if you are experiencing side effects to the treatment plan that has been prescribed for you. Advances in medicine may cause the information you have previously received to change. It is critical that if you are concerned about any change in your health whilst taking prescribed medicine that you notify your doctor or pharmacist immediately.