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Groom Kit PG6130

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Remingtom GroomKit is an all-in-one solution for all-over, complete body grooming. Made with long-lasting titanium coated blades that are 300% harder than steel. Features 4 washable heads: a wide trimmer for facial hair, a detail trimmer, a nose & ear trimmer, and a mini foil shaver for smooth results. Also features combs to achieve the perfect hair length.

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More Information

Detailed information

Remington Groom Kit

Detailed Description:
Sharp for life blades for excellent cutting performance. Rechargeable. Charging indicator light. 6 attachment combs (1.5-20mm). Charge stand for convenient storage. 4 washable heads for easy cleaning. Cordless usage with up to 40 minutes runtime. Titanium coated blades, 300% harder than steel blades*. *Vs. Remington® steel blades. All in one kit for complete grooming. Wide trimmer for maintaining or trimming facial hair and creating sharp lines (use without comb). Detail trimmer - detail trimmer trims to 0.2mm for that micro stubble look. Nose & ear trimmer - for removal of nose and ear hair. Adjustable comb (2-20mm) and fixed combs (1.5-12mm) for a range of trimming lengths. Mini foil shaver for smooth results. www.remington-europe.com. Wide trimmer. Detail trimmer. Nose & ear trimmer. Mini foil shaver. 3yr guarantee +1. 3 year guarantee + extra year when you register online within 28 days. www.remington-europe.com/register. 220-240 volts AC, 50/60Hz, noise level: 78 dB(A) 260g. Remington® is a registered trademark of Spectrum Brands, Inc. or one of its subsidiaries. Made in China to the specifications of Spectrum Brands, Inc. The actual product may differ from the picture on the carton. ©2015 SBI. www.remington-europe.com. Thank you for buying your new Remington® product. Please read these instructions carefully and keep them safe. Remove all packaging before use. Key features: 1. On/off switch. 2. Groomer. 3. Wide trimmer. 4. Detail trimmer. 5. Minifoil shaver. 6. Nose, ear, eyebrow trimmer. 7. Attachment guide combs. 8. Adjustable comb for wide trimmer. 9. Charging indicator. 10. Stand (not shown). 11. Adaptor (not shown). Environmental protection: To avoid environmental and health problems due to hazardous substances in electrical and electronic goods, appliances marked with this symbol must not be disposed of with unsorted municipal waste, but recovered, reused or recycled. Central Europe: 00800/821 700 821 Mo-Fr 9AM - 5PM central European time (free call). E-mail: [email protected]. www.remington-europe.com. Service and guarantee UK. Defects affecting product functionality appearing within the guarantee period will be corrected by replacement or repair at our option provided the product is used and maintained in accordance with the instructions. Your statutory rights are not affected. Consumables are excluded. Defects from repair by an unauthorised dealer are not covered. Guarantee period = 3 years from first retail purchase. To claim the extra 1 year guarantee, register your product online within 28 days of purchase. www.remington.co.uk/productregister. If you call the service centre, please have the model no. to hand, as we won't be able to help you without it. The model no. can be found on the rating plate of the appliance.

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1 Pack

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Marketing description:
Remington®. Groom kit. 4 washable heads. Up to 40 minutes cordless usage. Titanium coated blades. 300% harder than steel blades*. *Vs. Remington* steel blades. Personal groomer. All in one kit for complete grooming.


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How to use

Usage instructions:
Getting started: Charging your appliance: Before using your groomer for the first time, charge for 14-16 hours. Ensure the product is switched off. Connect the adaptor to the product and then to the mains. Charge level indicators: Charge level - indicator. Charging - LED will illuminate. Fully charged - LED will remain illuminated. Run time from fully charged is up to 40 minutes. Your appliance cannot be overcharged. However, if the product is not going to be used for an extended period of time (2-3 months), unplug it from the mains and store. Fully recharge your appliance for 16 hours when you would like to use it again. To preserve the life of your batteries, let them run out every 6 months then recharge for 14-16 hours. Instructions for use: Please note that this product is for cordless use only and cannot be used when connected to the mains. Switch the product on by sliding up the on/off switch. To attach and remove the trimming attachments. Note: always ensure the groomer is switched off before changing any attachments. To attach place the desired trimming head on top of the groomer and rotate clockwise to lock into place. To remove rotate the trimmer head anti-clockwise until it unlocks and then lift off the groomer. Attaching and removing fixed guide combs: To attach: With the trimmer blade facing away from you, slide the guide comb on top of the trimmer blade and click into position. To remove: With the trimmer blade facing away from you, carefully push the guide comb away from the trimmer blade. Attaching and removing adjustable comb on the wide trimmer blade: To attach line up the comb rails and slot on the groomer until firmly secured. Pressing the adjustment button on the back of the comb will alter the cutting length increment, this is indicated on the comb. To remove press and hold the adjustment button and push the comb up and off the groomer. Before you begin: Comb facial hair with a fine comb before you start trimming. Hairs should be dry and without any waxes or lotions before using the groomer. To thin and taper the beard/moustache: Attach the wide trimmer blade. Place either the adjustable comb or a fixed comb on the trimmer blade, select the desired length and switch on. Start trimming under the chin, following the jawbone line. Work towards the ear and upper beard line using an upward motion. To trim edge of beard or moustache: Attach the trimmer blade. Hold the groomer with the cutting blade facing you, perpendicular to your skin. Start with edge of beard/moustache line, and with the cutting blades resting lightly against your skin, use slow movements to create a beard/moustache line. To trim sideburns: Hold the groomer with the cutting blade facing you. Select the desired length on the adjustable comb or select the desired guide combs. Move the groomer along the comb to cut the hairs. Use light pressure and well-controlled movements to trim hair. Trimming the nape of your neck: Attach the trimmer blade. Use your fingers to lift the hair at the base of your head up off the neck. Your index finger should be covering the roots of the hairs you are lifting to prevent accidental removal by trimmer. Using your other hand, hold the trimmer to the base of your neck with the cutting unit facing up, and move the trimmer up the length of the neck until it touches your finger covering the hair roots at the base of your head. Be sure to move the unit slowly when performing this operation and to keep the hair roots at the base of your head out of the way of the trimmer. Using the mini foil shaver: Hold the groomer so the mini foil shaver gently touches your face. Use short, well-controlled movements to shave around your beard/moustache. Use your free hand to stretch your skin. This encourages the hair to stand upright, making it easier to shave. Note: the mini foil shaver was designed to shave the detail areas around your beard/moustache/sideburns. It was not designed to shave your entire face. For a close comfortable shave, guaranteed, use one of Remington's electric shavers. To remove hair from nose and ear: Attach the nose, ear, eyebrow attachment. Insert the groomer's cutting unit gently into the nostril or ear. Gently move the groomer in and out of the nostril or ear and at the same time rotate the groomer. Avoid inserting the cutting unit more than 6mm into your nostril. To remove hair from eyebrows: Attach the nose, ear, eyebrow attachment. Gently guide the cutting unit to stray, unwanted hairs along the eyebrow line or protruding from the eyebrow itself. To remove the hairs completely lower onto the skin and move over desired area. Using the detail attachment: Hold the groomer with the surface (back side) of the blade guides against the skin. Do not use the detail attachment head with the blades perpendicular to the skin. Use motions similar to using a wet blade to provide the closest trim. Note: the detail trimmer has trim shave technology which trims hair to 0.2mm giving you that shaven look without the irritation wet blade shaving causes. The plastic in front of the blades helps to stretch the skin to achieve the close cut. Tips for best results: Comb your hair in the direction that it grows so that the hairs are at their maximum height and facing in the same direction. After trimming, lightly go over the trimmed areas with the foil to get a smooth clean finish. Since all hairs do not grow in the same direction, you may want to try different trimming positions (i.e. upwards, downwards or across) for better results. Care for your groomer: Care for your product to ensure a long lasting performance. We recommend that you clean your groomer after each use. After each use: Brush any accumulated hairs from the groomer and attachment heads. The easiest and most hygienic way to clean the groomer is by detaching the head from the groomer body and rinsing the head with warm water. The groomer body should not be rinsed. Place one or two drops of cutter oil or sewing machine oil on the blades. Turn the clipper on to distribute the oil evenly, wipe off any excess oil. Battery removal: The battery must be removed from the appliance before it is scrapped. The appliance must be disconnected from the supply mains when removing the battery. Ensure the trimmer is discharged of all power. Remove the attachment head from the appliance. Using a small screwdriver, pry off the front housing carefully. Open the rear housing to expose the printed circuit board. Cut the wires which connect the battery to the circuit board and remove the battery. The battery is to be disposed of safely.

Important safety instructions: To reduce the risk of burns, electrocution, fire, or injury to persons: 1. This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been supervised/instructed and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be done by children unless they are older than 8 and supervised. Keep the appliance and cable out of reach of children under 8 years. 2. An appliance should never be left unattended when plugged into a power outlet, except when charging. 3. Do not use this product if it is not working correctly, if it has been dropped or damaged, or dropped in water. 4. Make sure the power plug and cord do not get wet. 5. Do not plug or unplug the appliance with wet hands. 6. Do not use the product with a damaged cord. A replacement can be obtained via our international service centres. 7. Do not twist or kink the cable, or wrap it round the appliance. 8. Store the product at a temperature between 15 degrees C and 35 degrees C. 9. Do not use attachments other than those we supply. 10. Do not immerse the appliance in liquid; do not use it near water in a bath-tub, basin or other vessel; and don't use it outdoors. 11. Always remember to turn on the groomer before you insert it into your nose or ear to avoid injury. 12. This appliance should be supplied with approved safety isolating adaptors VD040010J/HK28G-3.6-100 (Europe), BD040010J/HK28B-3.6-100 (UK) with the output capacity of 3.6-4Vdc; 100mA. 13. This appliance is not intended for commercial or salon use.

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