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Stove Top Kettle 2.5 Litres

3.6 5 reviews
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Kambrook Whistling Stove Top Stainless Steel Kettle made with a sleek stainless steel finish, makes a stylish kitchen appliance. The handle and lid are made of heat-resistant plastic and the design allows for even heat distribution.

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More Information

Detailed information

Kambrook Whistling Stove Top Stainless Steel Kettle

Detailed Description:

Enhance your experience with the Kambrook Whistling Stove Top Kettle 2.5L. Expect premium quality, variety and great value for money.
The Kambrook stainless steel Whistling Stove Top Kettle is made of high quality stainless steel, has a classic design with a 2. 5L capacity.
The base is capsulated for fast and even heat distribution and is suitable for use on: ceramic, electric and gas stove tops, as well as induction cookers.
When water boils, the kettle whistles.
There is a push button to open spout for easy pouring.
The handle and lid is made of heat resistant plastic.
This material is resistant to acids and alkalis and is easy to clean.
Clicks promise: all electrical merchandise is covered by 12 month guarantee.
The Kambrook guarantee excludes breakables such as glass, ceramic items, consumable items and normal wear and tear. This guarantee is void if there is evidence of the product being tampered with.
Customer service centre: 0860 254 257. www. clicks. co. za
Made in China to our exact specifications. Due to continued product improvement, the product illustrated on this carton may vary slightly from the actual product.
Recyclable. Paperboard carton.
Product Dimensions : 20 x 22 x 11cm

Pack size:
1 Pack

Quantity in pack:

Marketing description:
Kambrook.The smarter choice.Stainless steel body.2.5L capacity.Push button to open spout.Whistling stove top kettle.PIA 5000.Even heat distribution.2.5L.


Package type:

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How to use

Usage instructions:

Wash kettle with hot water and a mild detergent, rinse and wipe dry.
Boil a full kettle (2.5L) of water twice.
Please see instructions.
Pour water out before use.
Kettle is now ready to use.
Open the lid.
Fill the kettle to the required amount of water.
Place kettle on burner.
The diameter of the burner should not exceed the diameter of the bottom of the kettle.
Turn burner on.
Kettle will whisllte once water has boiled. >br>Turn off the cooker and remove the kettle.
ATTENTION: Do not place the empty kettle on the hot working burner.

Do not leave product unattended while in use.Kettle will remain hot for a period after boiling.Kambrook recommends safety first:Important: please retain your instruction booklet for future use.Safety measures:1. Read this instruction manual before using the kettle.2. This device must not be used by children or persons with diminished mental, physical or sensorial capacities, unless said people have received specific assistance or instruction for using the kettle by a person responsible for their safety who is fully aware of the dangers involved.3. The kettle must not be used if it was damaged.4. Do not attempt to repair the kettle by yourself.5. Place the kettle on a stable surface.6. Do not let children play with the kettle or packaging materials.7. Keep out of the reach of children.8. To avoid damage and injury, use only the accessories and/or removable parts that are supplied or recommended by the manufacturer.9. Do not cover the kettle.10. The kettle heats up during operation. Wait until the kettle cools down. Only then can you begin to clean the kettle or put it away for storage.11. Avoid any contact with the hot parts of the kettle. Always take it by the handle.12. While boiling and/or a short time after switching off the kettle, avoid any contact with steam coming out of the spout.13. Never leave children/babies unattended near the kettle when it is switched on.14. Ensure that the lid is always on the kettle. Never remove it during operation, as this may cause a burn.15. The kettle is designed for boiling water only.16. Use the kettle only for the purposes for which it is intended.17. The kettle is intended for domestic/household use only.18. Save this instruction manual for future reference.Not following safety measures can cause injuries, burns and fire.Environmentally friendly disposal:You can help protect the environment. Please remember to respect the local regulations. Hand in non-working electrical equipment to an appropriate waste disposal centre.

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3.6 from 5 reviews
colour of kettle kambrook stove top whistling kettle- the colour coating comes off very easily even when cleaned with a soft cloth - i have had mine for a year and half the red colour is off . It looks dreadful. the kettle itself works well though.
Kambrook Whistling stove top kettle Reasonably priced stove top kettle that ticks all the boxes. - very happy with purchase.
Great kettle Heats very fast. Looks very nice. Great finish. I had no problem with the lid either.
Kambrook Whistling Stove Top Stainless Steel Kett A wonderful kettle. Looks beautiful and is easy to use and clean. I haven't had a problem at all with the lid.
Difficult to open The kettle looks good. I love the red colour. The lid, where you need to pour water into the kettle, is extremely difficult to open. Whenever I try to open the lid it feels like I am going to break it. I've used it for a while too and it does not seem to get easier at all.