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Vital Baby

Breast Milk Bags

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Vital Baby Breast Milk Bags helps you to easily store your baby’s milk. Made for easy filling and pouring, it is pre-sterilised and leakproof.

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Vital Baby Easy Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags

Detailed Description:
Shop our full range at www.vitalbaby.com. What is the benefit of expressing? Expressing simply means releasing milk from the breast, which is then stored and fed to your baby as and when required. Expressing is especially handy when: You have to be away from your baby for a period of time. Your breasts feel uncomfortably full, this is referred to as engorgement. Your baby isn't able to suckle well, but you still want to feed with your breast milk. You want to boost your milk supply. You want your partner and relatives to feed baby to encourage bonding. Pre-sterilised and ready to use. Leakproof double secure seal ensures no milk is lost when storing in the fridge or freezer. Easy to use, carefully pull the bag open using the perforated opening strip and fill with your expressed breast milk. When you are ready to serve your milk, cut the easy pour spout and decant into your sterilised bottle. Gusseted base allows the bag to stand for safe easy filling and neat storage in the fridge or freezer. www.vitalbaby.com. Advice for breast discomfort: Sore or cracked nipples are most common during the first 3-7 days of breastfeeding and it usually occurs when baby isn't well positioned or attached to the breast fully. Reduced breast milk can be improved by offering your baby both breasts during each feed. This will help to boost your milk supply over time. Full and uncomfortable breasts that get too full of breast milk. They may feel hard. Tight and painful. This is known as breast engorgement - frequent feeding from the affected breast may help. If this is left untreated it can then lead to blocked milk ducts. If possible, try and gently massage your breast during feeding to help relieve the blockage. If the symptoms of blocked milk ducts are not relieved, this can further lead to mastitis which can make the breast feel hot and painful and can sometimes give flu - like symptoms. You may also witness a red patch of skin that's painful to the touch. It's important not to stop feeding as this can make symptoms worsen, but seek medical advice as quickly as you can. Difficulty getting your baby to latch. Breastfeeding isn't always easy and sometimes it takes a little time for you and your baby to learn together. Remember it's a unique experience and new for the both of you! You aren't alone, so check in with your midwife or health visitor for tips and advice. If you are experiencing any difficulties or pain and discomfort when breastfeeding, it's important to seek advice from your midwife or health visitor as soon as you can. We have many products available to reduce discomfort, shop our full range at www.vitalbaby.com. What's included? 30x250 ml bags. For hygiene reasons, easy pour breast milk storage bags are a single use product. Any questions? Visit www.vitalbaby.com. Full instructions for care and use are enclosed, please read carefully and retain for future reference. This pack is made from recyclable materials, recycle at your local facility. Vital Baby specifications. Vital Baby® is a registered trademark. Vital Baby® and Nurture® are registered trademarks. Design rights. © Vital Innovations Ltd 2019.

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Vital Baby®. Nurture®. Easy pour breast milk storage bags. Pre-sterilised. Ready to fill. Leakproof. Double secure seal. Easy fill and pour. Freestanding bags. Double layer milk protection. Easy fill and pour. Baby approved. Parent recommended. BPA free. Great British brand. 30x 250 ml.

Vital Baby

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Important: Single use only. Freezer safe. Do not use in the microwave.

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